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Home Bathroom Accessories Shaving Cabinets 300mm - 500mm (Width) Shaving Cabinets

300mm - 500mm (Width) Shaving Cabinets

Our 300-450mm shaving cabinets have been selected for their quality, with each manufacturer providing durable products that look the part. Our shaving cabinets will work with a contemporary and modern look as well as something a little more traditional. We also provide models for any budget, whether you’re looking for high-end shaving cabinets or models that are more affordable.

We stock a variety of models, such as corner cabinets, single-door cabinets, and backlit mirror cabinets, to name just a few. We believe that with this range of stock we can cater to differing demands from customers, ensuring each can fit out their bathrooms with products from Renovation Kingdom without any issues.

Every manufacturer adheres to our strict quality controls so you can rest assured that each product will deliver the quality you have become accustomed to from Renovation Kingdom.

Manufacturers such as Grolo are well-established names in the industry. Known for high-end craftsmanship and dependable warranties, we work exclusively with the best in the business. We also strive to work with local suppliers whenever possible.

If you’re confused about which product best fits your needs, or you need advice on our available models, please get in touch with our knowledgeable customer service team. We’ll make sure your questions are answered promptly and in great detail.

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