Today, the latest bathroom trends include bright and bold colored walls, ceramic floor tiles in several patterns, and pristine white pottery which add a little dramatic touch to the bathroom decor.


Regardless of the changes and transformations, bathroom mirrors have retained their value and still serve as a vital component of any bathroom design.


Mirrors determine how the light in a bathroom is reflected. There is a broad spectrum of styles when it comes to mirrors for bathrooms. You can select a style in accordance with your bathroom decor. Bathrooms with Victorian style includes dark wood finish, boxed in baths, wood framed bathroom mirror, and arched mirrors. Whereas, traditional bathrooms have wooden framed mirrors with much softer designs. You can consider mirrors with sleek designs if you have a contemporary or ultra-modern bathroom.


Choosing the right bathroom mirror entirely depends upon the size of a bathroom and the dimensions of the vanity unit. Mirrors should never extend beyond the vanity and bathrooms having double basins should have rectangular wall-to-wall mirrors to reflect and distribute light in an effective way. Mirrors should be placed in such a way that they can highlight the bathroom accessories in a proper manner. Besides this, mirrors range from simple shower glass to the clear fogless mirrors that help change this basic utility item to an important, highly functional bathroom accessory.