A vanity is perhaps one of the most important, and the most commonly piece of furniture that people place in their bathrooms. We have a large stock of vanity units and you can be sure to find something that falls within the range of your budget. The smallest size we have is a 400mm, and the largest we carry is 1800mm. Among each size, there are a range of vanities that vary in shape, build, and design. You can match the color with your pre-existing bathroom colors and themes.

Of special mention is our Vizzini brand of vanities, which are known for their excellent workmanship and design as well as their durability. These are usually made of polyurethane with poly marble or ceramic tops. You can select one with many small drawers, or one with a few large drawers. Other options include wall hung or on floor, recessed or semi recessed etc. You can rely on us to provide you with high quality vanity units that will withstand wear and stand over a long period of time.

With so many different sizes, shapes, designs, and prices to choose from, we can guarantee that there will be a vanity to suit all of your requirements. Just click on our vanity units section on our website www.renovationkingdom.com.au, and explore the wide range of product varieties and options.