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Grolo Dial is for the discerning, for those looking for an injection of class and a dash of elegance. The Grolo Dial product range is ideal for those who want a touch of luxury in their home. The company behind this impressive range is Grolo, a leading supplier of bathroom accessories throughout the country.

Grolo is known for quality, top visual designs, and practical solutions that fit the standard Australian home. The accessories are not only easy to install but they will seamlessly integrate with your existing bathroom. Create a sense of luxury, giving your bathroom the style it deserves.

Grolo takes pride in the quality products it provides. Each and every component has been chosen to fit the company's firm commitment to high quality from top to bottom, whether it's what you see at first glance or what's 'under the hood'. As such, the customer is always guaranteed to receive a product that's built to last for years.

<pWorried about the environment? With Grolo, you don't have to. The company has a strong commitment to sustainability, helping customers with solutions that are energy efficient, built to save energy, and yet never sacrificing on quality.

The company is fully Australian-owned and focuses on pure customer satisfaction. Not happy with your purchase? Put your heart at ease with Grolo's 10-year warranty for every product.