Grolo Ovalo

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As one of the market leaders in bathroom and kitchenware, Grolo is renowned across Australia as being at the forefront of quality and design. Offering products which are not only superior in quality, but also competitively priced, it comes as no surprise that the Ovalo range is a welcome addition here at Renovation Kingdom.

We understand that our customers look for high quality and durable products that can be used for years to come. No one offers a better warranty than Grolo, which helps put your faith in their products. Manufactured from brass with a smooth chrome finish, every piece in the Ovalo range has been built to last. The outstanding manufacturing capabilities at Grolo really shine through in each of their uniquely designed bathroom accessories.

Not only does Grolo offer customers superior products, but they go out of their way to preserve the Earth’s natural resources during every step of production. By making a commitment to sustainability, the company has managed to soften the impact that bathroom and kitchenware has on the environment.

Renovation Kingdom is always on the lookout for products that deliver when it comes to quality, price and design. Grolo has an excellent reputation for surpassing its competitors at every level, and that is why we are proud to offer you the Ovalo range, which brings a touch of class and elegance to any bathroom.