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As one of Australia’s leaders in the bathroom industry, Phoenix is known for its innovative and high quality designs. Its vast experience in producing bathroom accessories since being founded in 1989 has allowed it to climb right to the top of the industry.

Phoenix has made it their top priority to deliver bathroom accessories which are at the forefront of both design and quality. Their commitment to producing top quality goods is reflected in their 15 year cartridge warranty; you know immediately that you are getting a superior product.

The Festival range will look right at home in any bathroom and is perfect if you are looking to start a cost-effective bathroom renovation. This simple design can be paired with just about any bathroom décor, giving it a clean and stylish finish. The classic features mean you don’t have to worry about updating your bathroom accessories every few years as they will never go out of style.

At Renovation Kingdom we always seek to bring our customers quality products, which is exactly why we have chosen the Festival range from Phoenix. With its timeless appeal it will look perfect in any bathroom no matter what style you are going for. This range is all about bringing you quality at an affordable price and you simply couldn’t ask for anything better.