Choosing the correct accessories is important as you have to make sure that they are in line and of the same style as the layout and decorations of your bathroom. As the area is one that is most commonly used, it is necessary to select items that are of higher quality as they tend to be more durable and require less maintenance.


Some of the key items that you can consider in having in your bathroom are as follows:


    • Shaving Cabinets – Helps to keep the bathroom tidy and clutter free, it provides storage for personal care products such as shaver, make up products, hair dryers, toiletries and more.


    • Vanities - Works well if you have a limited space. It can provide you extra storage for bath robes, towels, night wear etc.


    • Bath - Feel luxurious and pamper yourself with a nice hot bath. You will instantly feel relax, worry and stress having a bath tub installed in your bathroom.


    • Shower screens - It is one of the necessity to make sure that water is not splattered everywhere in the bathroom. Renovation Kingdom carries an ‘easy-clean’ glass feature that helps you to maintain your shower screens better and longer.

It is always advisable to measure your bathroom dimensions before you check out on any stores as this can help you to save time and to purchase the right items accurately.