Free Standing Heated Rails


Freestanding heated rails are the ideal solution for small bathrooms that don’t have enough wall space for a permanent heated towel rail. They offer a fast and efficient way to warm and dry your towels and can be put away at any time to save space.

Choose from a stylish selection of freestanding heated towel rails and enjoy snuggling into a nice warm towel after a long shower. These high quality rails are suitable for a variety of situations and can easily be moved from room to room. Use them to dry your towels after a bath, dry your clothes overnight, or for a quick and efficient heating solution.

These elegant and innovative designs make the perfect addition to any bathroom or bedroom, with rubber feet that prevent scratching on hard surfaces. Made from high quality materials, you can expect these durable rails to impress you with their robustness.

At Renovation Kingdom we are proud to offer you products that are at the forefront of style and design. With freestanding heated towel rails, you can enjoy the functionality of your standard wall mounted rails together with the convenience that comes with mobility. Get the most out of your bathroom accessories with this fantastic range of heated rails.