Back to Wall Baths

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Back To Wall Baths

Back To Wall baths are the solution you need if you are looking for a bath that has its back flush against the wall. Back to Wall baths are great for saving space in smaller bathrooms by minimising empty space around your bathtub. Using a more compact option like a back to wall bath will give you more freedom and floor space. Many back to wall baths these days have modern curves and shapes along the front and sides of the bath, combined with one or two flat sides to sit flush against the wall. This is a great option for those who love the look of a freestanding bath but want to make the most of their space!

Types of Back To Wall Baths

Standard Back to Wall Baths

Standard back to wall baths have one flat edge that sits flush against the bathroom wall.

Back to Wall Corner Baths

Back to wall corner baths have two flat edges so that the bath can be nestled into a corner. With corner back to wall baths you can choose whether it will fit into a right or left corner.

Freestanding Back To Wall Baths

Many back to wall baths can be used a freestanding bath, which is a pretty unique design choice. Additionally, regular freestanding baths can be pushed against a wall, although they won't be flush with the wall.