1. Best Tapware Brands

    Best Tapware Brands

    There are many tapware brands out there to choose from. The best tapware brand to choose for your renovation can depend on what you are looking for in your bathroom or kitchen products and the style of your renovation. Today, we take a look at what we think are some of the best tapware brands in Australia, stocked by Renovation Kingdom.

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  2. What are WELS and WaterMark?

    What are WELS and WaterMark?

    Seeing the terms relating to your bathroom, laundry, and kitchen white goods and fixtures might have you wondering just what are WELS and WaterMark certifications?

    Take comfort in the fact that all Renovation Kingdom products comply with all of the Australian standards and regulations, so you can enjoy quality products and save water for years to come.

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  3. Top Bathroom Brands Australia

    Top Bathroom Brands Australia
    There are many bathroom brands available, and it can be difficult to know which ones to choose from when you don’t have much information on them. At Renovation Kingdom, we stock a wide range of different bathroom brands. In this blog, we highlight some of the bathroom brands we stock at Renovation Kingdom, with a little bit of information about each of them.
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  4. Advantages of Rimless Toilets

    Advantages of Rimless Toilets
    What is a rimless toilet and what are the advantages over traditional toilets?
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  5. Study: DIY Home Renovation in the Age of YouTube

    Study: DIY Home Renovation in the Age of YouTube
    Are Australians willing to watch YouTube DIY tutorials to do their home renovations? Results from a new study by Renovation Kingdom.
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  6. The Most Popular Toilets in Australia

    The Most Popular Toilets in Australia
    Have you ever wondered about the most popular types of toilets we have in Australia? Maybe the thought came to you while paying a visit to your own porcelain throne! Not only are there a range of different types of toilets, but there are also many different toilet brands in Australia to choose from. Some of these brands include Vizzini, Inspire, RAK, and more.
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  7. Shower Baths for Small Bathrooms

    Shower Baths for Small Bathrooms
    Having a small bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean you need to sacrifice your option to have a bath. The humble shower bath allows for a choice of options while conserving space, so you can enjoy hours of unwinding and relaxing, while still being able to pop in for a quick shower before work in the mornings.
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  8. Top Bathroom Trends in 2019

    Top Bathroom Trends in 2019

    In the world of bathroom trends, 2019 is all about colour, simplicity, and clever use of space. The bathroom can add a great deal of value to a home, but construction isn’t cheap. A typical bathroom remodel can cost anywhere between a few thousand dollars and a few tens of thousands, with the average cost coming in at just over $17,000.

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  9. Renovating classic homes in Australia

    Whether you’re a design nerd, real estate fiend or an architecture aficionado, when you think of our east coast cities you’ll think of their signature homes too. The borderline mansion-esque Queenslander houses in Brisbane, becoming more and more lavish as you creep further towards the city.

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  10. Renovation Kingdom Urban Slimline Vanity

    Only adding to our excitement of our Vizzini Rosco Free Standing Bath being featured on Channel 7’s House Rules (read our other blog post here) was having our Urban Slimline Vanity being featured as well!

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