Shaving Mirrors


At Renovation Kingdom, we understand how important it is to get a close shave. Say goodbye to stray hairs and cuts by opting for one of our quality models, from freestanding versions to those you can attach to your wall for added convenience. Starting at just $45 a piece, we stock for a wide range of tastes and budgets.

We know that tastes vary, which is why our product selection doesn’t stick to a single look or style. Choose from standard silver models to freestanding mirrors in gold; we’re sure you’ll be able to find a product that fits the look of your home. We also stock shower mirrors with inbuilt lighting, making your morning shave easy and convenient.

Our shaving mirrors are also suitable as make-up mirrors and we also have several in stock that have been manufactured specifically for this purpose. So if you’re a man looking for a close shave or a lady wanting to get ready for a night out, Renovation Kingdom has exactly what you need.

We believe that quality products should also be affordable. That’s why we’ve teamed up with reliable suppliers that don’t charge over the odds, meaning we can pass significant savings to our customers. Our exclusive deals with manufacturers allow us to provide high-end products at just a fraction of retail price.