We all know the discomfort and chills caused by a cold towel after getting out of a nice warm shower in the winter. Fortunately, you can install heated towel rails in your bathroom that will heat up your towel while you shower so that it is nice and warm.

Built from aluminum, stainless steel, or plain steel, heated towel rails are a great addition to have in your bathroom. In fact, heated towel rails that have a high output can even act like a small radiator. Regardless of what season it is, you will love the feel of a warm towel after your shower.

The next time you are doing a little bathroom modification; consider putting in heated towel rails. At Renovation Kingdom we offer affordable towel rails that are easy to install. You can choose from round or square bars, single or double bar spacing, one single bar or multiple rails. Come and check out all of our heated rails and find one that suits you the most. Check out our online store at www.renovationkingdom.com.au