The Most Popular Toilets in Australia

Have you ever wondered about the most popular types of toilets we have in Australia? Maybe the thought came to you while paying a visit to your own porcelain throne! Not only are there a range of different types of toilets, but there are also many different toilet brands in Australia to choose from. Some of these brands include Vizzini, Inspire, RAK, and more. 

Today, we take a look at some of the most popular toilets in Australia, as far as styles go. By the end of this guide, you’ll be walking into the bathrooms of your friends and family and pointing out their toilet type (which will make you very popular at parties!)

Close-coupled Toilets

Bribie Link Toilet Suite
These are the standard toilets that are found in most homes across the country. Close-coupled toilets feature a visible cistern and are generally pretty easy to install when compared to other styles of toilets. These toilets feature a classic design, with the cistern joined to the pan, sitting straight on the back. Close-coupled toilets look similar to back-to-wall toilets, however, there are differences, as we will highlight below. 


Back-to-wall Toilets

Inspire Alzano Flush Wall Faced Toilet

Back-to-wall toilets have a pan and cistern that sit right up against the wall. This means with one of these installed you no longer need to worry about that hard-to-reach spot behind the toilet (that can often be tricky to clean for closed couple models). This style also means that pipes are tucked away, giving these types of toilet an all-in-one look that is very sleek and stylish.

In-wall Toilets

Gareth Ashton Park Avenue Inwall/Wall Faced Toilet Suite

Also sometimes referred to as “wall-faced toilets” and wall hung toilets, this style features a hidden cistern, with just the pan of the toilet exposed. For these types of toilet, the cistern is built into the wall or a cabinet behind the pan. Flush buttons are generally placed on the wall above the pan, or to the side of the toilet. In-wall toilets could be the perfect fit for those looking for an ultra-modern or minimalist look for their bathrooms. 

Rimless Toilets

RAK Resort Rimless Back to Wall Toilet Suite

Rimless toilets are those that are built without a rim. If you’re tired of cleaning under the hard-to-access rim of your toilet, then these could be the perfect style for you! Removing the rim (a spot that many find tricky to clean thoroughly), makes this innovative design simple to clean and perfect for busy people on the go, or those that just generally hate cleaning their toilet (let’s face it, that’s most of us)! 

So, now you know the difference between close-coupled, back-to-wall, in-wall, and rimless toilets! We hope you enjoyed learning about some of the most popular toilets in Australia. There are many different types of toilets for sale in Australia, and choosing which style to go with is based largely on your preference and the aesthetic you have in mind for your bathroom. Keep in mind that there are no longer any toilets made in Australia.

At Renovation Kingdom, we have a range of different styles of toilets, and stock what we believe are some of the best toilet brands in Australia. Take a look at our online store to see the different types and brands of toilets that we have on offer! If you would like to know more or want help picking the perfect toilet for your home, please reach out to us and we’ll do our best to assist you.